15 years anniversary

IRENT has been around for 15 years. This means we will celebrate and treat others! On extra service in our case. For twelve months our IRENT man will support you in ‘any case’. Whatever the case is. For example, let the IRENT man come to your office to get coffee for your entire department. Or to wash your car. You may want him to thank a helpful colleague with a flower bouquet. Or maybe you have another brilliant idea yourself?

Submit a request!
Via this page you can submit a request to ask the IRENT man to provide extra service to you or your department. How? It is very simple. Submit your request via the button below. Once a month we draw a winner who will be served at his or her hints. A maximum of 1 request can be won per company.

IRENT man offers you his services

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Participate? Once a month, one request wins the personal service of our IRENT man. Where can we help you with?

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