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With GDPR Appliance as a Service, you can easily analyse all of your data assets for GDPR purposes. A GDPR check-up, you might call it. Data that comes under GDPR is itemised in an automated way. Added to that, the data can be displayed in categories, so that you can use the software to immediately convert the analysis results into an implementation and data policy. For example, you can indicate which type of data must be stored in the archive, so that it can be deleted automatically after the desired retention period. You can also mark more complex data for internal discussion and send other data directly to the recycle bin. There are pre-programmed templates available for sector-specific or company-specific personal data.
If you have specific data for which you want to scan the environment, you can train the software to recognise particular types of information and documents. In addition, the software can be used to analyse duplicate, redundant and/or obsolete data. Which guarantees meticulous data management on all levels. And in the unlikely event of a data leak in the future, you can immediately show how you have been protecting personal data.

MicroFocus GDPR appliance rental

For more than 15 years, IRENT has been the stand-out specialist and European market leader in the rental of high-end/enterprise equipment. Like to know more about what a GDPR appliance could do for your organisation? We’d be happy to help you meet your needs. Challenge us!

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