Circular economy


The Dutch economy is deemed to be sustainable and fully circular by 2050. This will be quite a challenge, and IT will play a crucial role in meeting it. Circularity is not rocket science – it’s simply a matter of moving away from rigid thinking. This applies in all areas, at all levels and in every organisation or setting.


As a rental partner, we play a key role in facilitating use rather than ownership. Our flexible rental solutions help boost the sharing economy by prolonging the equipments lifecycle. IRENT will rent out new hardware between 4 and 20 times, and then ensure that it is given a new life in a responsible manner. We also help customers to keep their existing IT infrastructure up-and-running. Our aim is to ensure that hardware is used longer, IT is deployed as effectively as possible and materials are reused in an infinite cycle. When it’s necessary to invest in new systems, we help customers to make a sustainable and efficient hardware choice, for instance by offering a demo or Proof of Concept rental solution.


Recycling may not be a new phenomenon, but it is an essential part of the transition to a circular economy. However, as part of that transition, there are also lots of gains to be made in the reuse of products and components. IRENT believes that it can play a crucial role in this respect. That’s why we purchase old IT environments, allowing them to be used once again. Even if a system no longer offers a particular organisation the functionality that it needs, another company may be perfectly happy to rent it from us. We also sell older products and components. This may for instance be useful for customers who want to expand their environment, but find that the vendor no longer sells the product in question. Or for service companies that can use these products and components to keep older environments up-and-running for longer. And if reuse is no longer an option, we ensure that the hardware goes to a waste processing company for recycling.


  • Moving from ownership of pay as you go, from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Renting out the latest, most energy-efficient server, storage and infrastructure solutions
  • Extending the technological lifecycle of IT infrastructure
  • Maximising value by purchasing and reusing old hardware
  • Recycling the raw materials in hardware to minimise e-waste

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