Circular IT

As an IT lifecycle specialist, we take care of extending the lifecycle of IT equipment. We have a circular IT mindset and we contribute to improving and optimizing a circular economy without stress. With our circular services we ensure flexibility, lower costs and better quality.

Our flexible IT solutions are specially designed to ensure flexibility, lower cost and better quality with a circular mindset. For organizations, we ensure that hardware is only used when it is needed with rental and as a service solutions. This prevents unnecessary purchase and downtime of hardware. We can reuse hardware that you no longer use for another organization. IT equipment always gets the best second life with us.

Together we ensure that less new IT equipment is needed, less e-waste is created and the CO2 footprint of hardware will be reduced.

With our IT lifecycle services, we also extend the useful life of your equipment. We do this, among others, through our own Third Party Maintenance Support. Via our TPM Support services your organization can use the same hardware for a longer period of time at a lower cost.

If IT equipment within your organization has reached the end of its useful life, we will buy it. We give the hardware the best second life and your organization the maximum residual value. We can take care of the entire logistics, dismantling and certified data wiping(in accordance with AVG/GDPR). And equipment that can no longer be used, will be recycled in accordance with WEELABEX.

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The degree of circularity is often assessed on the basis of the so-called R-ladder. The higher the strategy¬† on this R-ladder of circularity strategies, the more circular the company’s strategy is. Where R1 is the highest step. IRENT tackles at least five of the strategies to promote circular IT: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Repurpose and Refurbish.