Customer cases

idverde scales up IT infrastructure substantially through HaaS and the acquisition of new components

The case

idverde is an organization that ensures an optimal ‘green’ balance in city centers, residential areas, villages, outlying areas and business parks. At idverde NL (part of the international idverde group) over 500 employees work from twenty different locations. idverde NL urgently needed additional IT infrastructure, but wondered whether it was more practical to immediately upgrade the entire environment or to renew it with temporary equipment. It was important to keep the costs as low as possible. Through IRENT’s expertise on both aspects, an optimal solution was implemented. 

The Solution

The solution consisted of purchasing various components and scaling up the IT infrastructure using a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution. HaaS allows companies to purchase servers, storage & networking in subscription form from IRENT.  

For example, idverde NL currently uses a number of HPE DL380 servers from IRENT to meet all operational requirements without having to make a large investment. Choosing the HaaS service offers idverde NL several advantages. For example, they pay one monthly fee for hardware, software and service from different vendors. In addition, they keep more cash on hand and remain flexible in scaling up and down their IT environment. 

Our approach

  • Quickly offered a customized solution that was immediately available.
  • Combining different solutions; partially upgrading existing equipment via HaaS with additional components for sale. 
  • By using both existing equipment and our HaaS equipment, the whole operation is also significantly more sustainable than the alternatives. As part of the Circular IT Group, we always include this sustainable consideration in our recommendations. 

The result

Through IRENT’s service, idverde NL has been able to ensure operational quality without major adjustments and investments. In doing so, they have saved both time and costs, virtually without downtime. The new situation also enables the company to accurately plan and take stock of what their next (IT) step will be. 

More about idverde

idverde NL is an established name in the green sector. With over 500 employees they work nationwide from about 20 locations. Internationally, the idverde group operates from 6 countries and with over 10,000 employees. The customers of idverde include healthcare organizations, small and large companies, recreational parks, sports clubs, project developers, housing corporations and various (semi-)governments. They advise and support these organizations in finding the right green balance of city centers, residential areas, villages, outlying areas and on business estates. This involves a natural balance between aesthetics and functionality, and sustainability; a Greener Life!

idverde case
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