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IRENT helps during delayed delivery

Royal Leerdam (Libbey) and his IT partner experienced issues with the delivery of the newly purchased storage solution.
Given the pressure from the business, it was important for Royal Leerdam to deploy extra storage capacity in the short term.
The temporary storage solution was supplied by IRENT and was used as storage within the VDI environment and arranged on the basis of NFS. In order to run the production environment optimally, 40TB of net data storage capacity was required in a very short term.

What IRENT did:

  • provide advice on the deployment of a temporary storage solution;
  • delivery of temporary All-Flash storage within 4 hours on location;
  • pre-installation and implementation of the All-Flash storage.

The storage solution was immediately deployable for Royal Leerdam after they had completed the installation together with IRENT.
During the rental period of 8 weeks, the temporary storage was able to run optimally within the production environment. After the delivery, installation and migration to the newly purchased storage had taken place, Royal Leerdam was able to phase out the temporary storage solution in a short time.

Royal Leerdam Libbey, also known as Royal Leerdam, is the design and blowing department of the Dutch glassware-producing factory Glasfabriek Leerdam (NL). The company was founded in 1765 as a bottle manufacturer in the Dutch city of Leerdam.

iRent Locatie_011_0C0A9356_HiRES
  • Client
  • Type of equipment

    All-flash storage

  • Industry

    Crystal Manufacturer

  • Reason for rental

    Bridging delivery time

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