Cyber Incident Response

Downtime due to a Cyber Incident

Unplanned downtime due to a calamity or cyber incident has major consequences. When this happens, you are usually not prepared for it. As a result, the damage increases further. Put IRENT under “speed dail”. IRENT has more high-end IT systems in stock than the largest IT distributors. We are able to deliver custom-made servers, storage, network equipment & appliances within a few hours on location. You decide the desired rental period.

  • A replacement system within hours
  • Minimise financial and reputational damage

IRENT under “speed-dial”

With our Cyber Incident Response service, we are ready to help organisations in need quickly. We always reserve capacity for this, both engineers and IT equipment. If you are hit by a disaster, we will build, test and deliver customised IT systems to any location as quickly as possible.

Be prepared for calamities

Your IT environment is the backbone of your organisation. So it is business-critical! In order to guarantee the best uptime, you conclude SLAs in which you cover as many risks as possible. You make Disaster Recovery Plans and test various scenarios.

But what do you do when..

  • you are hit by a ransomware or malware attack, fire or other damage?
  • Your supplier does not live up to its SLA and does not provide you with a properly functioning system quickly?
  • Your IT environment (and any fall-back environment) is not accessible or is not in good condition?

In addition to our Cyber Incident Response service, you can also opt for more security: IT OnDemand

IT OnDemand

If you want to have data centre systems at your disposal in a guaranteed time, you should opt for IT OnDemand. IRENT makes your desired systems available to you on demand. For a low premium you are guaranteed the latest technology within 4 hours.

Differences between Cyber Incident Response and IT OnDemand

 Cyber Incident ResponseIT OnDemand
System availability      Best effortguaranteed
Correct system specifications (Performance en capacity)      Depends on the availabilityPre-tuned
Delivery speedBest effort
Will takelonger due to tuning, building and testing.
Within 4 hours
CostsRelatively high
Due to unplanned deployment of engineers and stock.    
Low and clear in advance

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