How does IRENT recycle e-waste?

For the recycling of old IT equipment, IRENT uses the services of a certified partner. This party complies with the certified standards of WEEELABEX and ISO 14001.

The WEEELABEX (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Label of Excellence) sets a minimum quality level for collection, transport, storage, reuse and recycling of e-waste. The WEEELABEX provides verification of compliance with these standards.
The ISO 14001 has been developed by the International Organization for Standardization and establishes an internationally accepted standard for an environmental management system. The system is used to develop an appropriate environmental policy at organizations and to ensure the implementation of this policy.


How can I get in touch if I have any suggestions, questions or compliments?

We want to hear about your experiences, whether they have been good or bad, so that we can keep on improving our services. If you have a suggestion, a complaint or a compliment, you can call us on +31 (0)33 789 01 01 or email us at hello@irent.nl.


How can I track the status of my request?

Each time you submit a request, you’ll receive immediate confirmation by email. On workdays our rental consultants will contact you within 2 hours to discuss your request and draw up a customised quote, including a recommendation on the hardware and configuration that would suit your needs. Requests received at weekends will be processed on the next workday.

How can I contact you with an urgent request?

Call us on +31 (0)33 789 01 01. We have 15 years’ experience in the rapid delivery of server, storage and networking infrastructure solutions all over the world. With more than €15 million of systems in stock, we will often be able to deliver the right solution within 24 hours, on a plug and play basis if required. Sometimes we’ll even be able to deliver sooner.

I can’t find the product I’m looking for on the website

Although we list an extensive range of products online, it’s possible that the product you’re looking for may not be on our website. If that is the case, please call one of our rental consultants at +31 (0)33 789 01 01. We may well be able to provide you with the system after all.

How do I pick the right solution from your enormous product range?

IRENT has its own in-house specialists on server, storage and infrastructure solutions. We’ll be happy to help you explore which system would be the best solution in your IT environment. Call us on +31 (0)33 789 01 01.

I’m a consumer - can I rent from you too?

No, unfortunately we don’t rent to consumers. IRENT only rents products to companies, public authorities and other organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

What is your rental rate?

We are unable to quote a standard rental rate because what you pay ultimately depends on the type of product, the rental period and the desired service. When it comes to rental periods, we offer short-term (from 1 week to 6 months), long-term (from 6 months to several years) and Hardware as a Service (HaaS). We will respond to each request with a customised quote.

Can I cancel an order?

See our general terms and conditions for provisions on the cancellation of rental agreements. Cancellation must always take place in writing.

I’ve seen the same product cheaper somewhere else

Although our rates are extremely competitive, we can’t rule out the possibility that you might find the same product available for rental elsewhere at a cheaper rate. But in that case we’d be happy to talk to you about what we can offer. Call us on +31 (0)33 789 01 01.


Can I place orders on account?

Payment terms at IRENT vary from payment in advance to payment on account within 30 days. Data from credit rating agencies will determine the payment terms we are able to offer.

What is the payment term?

Payment terms at IRENT vary from payment in advance to payment on account within 30 days.

How are products delivered and shipped?

To guarantee that our rental hardware meets the highest possible reliability standards, prior to delivery all products are returned to their factory-default settings, assembled, tested extensively and carefully packed. We work with the world’s leading parcel delivery services and our own courier to protect hardware from getting damaged during shipment.

How do you handle fragile shipments?

High-end hardware that is extremely fragile – for example, vibration-sensitive systems – can also be shipped by specialists. For instance, transportation companies that use vehicles equipped with air suspension.

Can I ask for faster delivery?

For urgent deliveries call us on +31 (0)33 789 01 01. If we have the products you need in stock and the configuration isn’t too complex, we may be able to deliver within 4 hours. Possibly even faster, if necessary.

Do you deliver outside the Netherlands?

Of course! IRENT is Europe’s market leader in the rental of high-end enterprise systems. So we also deliver to destinations outside the Netherlands.

Is my order insured during shipment?

At IRENT, the shipment of systems to rental locations is insured as standard. However this applies only if shipment is carried out by parties selected by IRENT.

Can I come and collect the rental products from you?

Yes you can, but in that case the hardware will not be insured as standard during shipment. Check with your own insurer whether you have cover for shipment and any damage that may occur.

What should I do if I take delivery of a system that is damaged?

Although we make every effort to avoid damage during shipment, it’s possible that in rare cases a product may turn out to be damaged when it arrives. If that is the case please contact us immediately by calling +31 (0)33 789 01 01 so that we know the damage occurred during shipment. Naturally we will provide you with a replacement as quickly as possible.


Who can I contact with questions about invoices and payments?

If you want to ask about an invoice or payment, you can contact us at finance@irent.nl. Please remember to include the invoice number or attach a copy of the invoice in question.

Service and support

Can you also provide assistance with installation?

Certainly! Our experienced team can offer you on-site support if you wish, relieving you of a great deal of work. With the help of our certified IT professionals, you can get your temporary IT infrastructure up-and-running as quickly as possible. We offer the following IT services: Rack and Stack, Installation, Configuration/Implementation, Migration, Training, Coaching and Documentation.

What kind of support do you provide for your rental systems?

IRENT offers 9×5 NBD (next business day) response support for rental hardware as a standard service. If a fault occurs, you’ll generally receive replacement components within 24 hours. Need more certainty than that? In that case ask for IRENT’ customised support.

End of rental period

Can I extend the rental period once it comes to an end?

Absolutely! Need the rental systems for longer than you originally planned? In that case we always offer the option of extension. Extension is possible as of day 1 of the contract.

Can I buy the rental hardware from you?

Think you would like to hold onto the system for good? No problem! Upon request we’ll be happy to draw up a quote to sell it to you, with the option of a customised service contract.

How do I return systems?

IRENT will send its own courier or a parcel delivery service to pick up the hardware. To make the necessary arrangements for return, please get in touch with your IRENT contact person.

What happens if I’m late returning the system?

If you want to return a system later than originally planned, that will usually be possible. Please let us know in advance, however, in case we are planning to rent the system to somebody else. If the system is returned too late, i.e. after the rental period ends, we will charge an extra rental fee.

Am I obligated to erase data from rented hardware?

European Union legislation on data protection makes the organisation designated as “controller” responsible for data erasure. This is required whenever you rent hardware or dispose of an IT environment which contain data carriers. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies throughout the European Union. It is known in Dutch as the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming or by the acronym AVG. The fines imposed under this legislation can amount to several million euros. And then there’s reputational damage to consider too.

IRENT always erases all data from rented hardware once it has been returned. However, this will not be sufficient to satisfy the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) if data does end up in the public domain. In order to demonstrate that any such data breach did not originate from your organisation, IRENT recommends certified data wiping. As part of this service you’ll receive a certificate to prove that data has been erased in a manner that is 100% secure.

What if a system gets damaged during use?

Wear and tear and light traces of use are not treated by IRENT as damage. They are simply an unavoidable consequence of use. However, if damage has been caused by a lack of care, you will be charged for it.

What if I discover that I need the data stored on hardware after it has been returned?

Unfortunately it’s impossible for us to recover data from hardware that you have rented and returned. For privacy reasons, we wipe all data from hardware when it is returned to us. So always be sure to make a back-up of your data.

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Working together with us means

Delivery within 24 hours

Delivery within 24 hours

IRENT stocks more than €15 million in IT infrastructure. Here’s a small selection of what we have available: 5+ petabytes of high-performance drives, 5000+ cores, 250+ servers and 40+ terabytes of memory.
Customised solutions

Customised solutions

We offer IT infrastructure in the form of OPEX solutions for periods ranging from a week to several years. We give you the flexibility to upscale or even downscale as you require.
We deliver our solutions worldwide

We deliver our solutions worldwide

We have more than 20 years experience in the rapid delivery of server, storage and network infrastructure solutions all over the world.
Your request answered within 2 hours

Your request answered within 2 hours

On workdays we can offer you a customised quote within 2 hours, including a recommendation on the hardware and configuration that would suit your needs.