Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

At IRENT you can design your own IT environment. With our Hardware as a Service solution you can combine IT equipment (servers, storage & networking), software and services in one flexible subscription.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

  1. Save valuable time from your IT team
  2. Benefit from a 15% cost saving
  3. Always use the latest technology
  4. Already possible from 12 months
  5. Have more cash resources available
  6. Maximum grip and control over your IT environment
  7. Combine hardware, software and services from different vendors in one single subscription
  8. Contribute to internal sustainability goals
  9. Maximum flexibility and comfort

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What is Hardware as a Service?

In addition to the use of hardware from different vendors and the flexible purchase of software, it is also possible to add various services to the subscription. Think, for example, of installation, implementation, rack & stack, migration, data security, support, management and maintenance. In this way you can realize significant time savings for your IT team.

With our Hardware as a Service solution you only pay for the IT equipment you use and not for the ownership. You can easily scale up and down on demand. This means that IT equipment that you no longer use will be collected by us. This results in a lower monthly price, transparent costs and predictability.

IRENT takes care of the complete investment in the IT infrastructure. This way you only pay a fixed monthly amount for the hardware you use. You can already start with our as a Service solution with a 12-month usage period. With Hardware as a Service, our customers reduce their costs by an average of 15%.

You have one point of contact for your complete IT environment. We arrange everything and ensure that the IT environment meets your wishes and requirements. At the end of the term you always have the option to extend, terminate or to do a complete tech refresh. We ensure that your data will always wiped conform GDPR standards when you return the IT equipment.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

1. Your IT team saves time and can really focus on IT again

Many organizations underestimate the amount of time the IT team spends on:

  • Sizing, sourcing and buying IT equipment and software from various vendors
  • Keeping support SLAs and end dates consistent
  • Implementing/installing the environment
  • Disposing of the hardware again after proven service
  • Possibly managing and maintaining the environment

The time the internal IT team spends on this is often underestimated and insufficiently taken into account in the business case underlying the purchase of an IT environment. Valuable time, which the IT team would rather spend on more important tasks, where their expertise is better used.

2. Save an average of 15% in costs

With our Hardware as a Service solution, IRENT takes care of the investment in the required IT equipment, software and services. You only pay a fixed amount per month for the IT environment you need. By scaling up and down ‘on-demand’ you are also flexible and you can realize a faster time to market. We can provide a savings paper without obligation with a calculation, including all associated information.

3. Access to the latest technology

Sometimes purchased hardware no longer meets the requirements of your organization at a certain point in time. Replacement is expensive and with the disposal of the old hardware, extra value also flows away from your organization. With our “as a Service” service you can use the latest IT equipment from 12 months. You can also upgrade longer-term subscriptions in the meantime if a tech refresh is necessary.

4. As early as 12 months

If you want to determine for yourself what your IT environment will look like and where it will be, it is often difficult to purchase this flexibly and for the short term. With our Hardware as a Service solution you can do this and you can do this from 12 months. Other solutions often result in a minimum collection period of 36 to 60 months.

5. You have more cash resources

With Hardware as a Service you do not opt ​​for an investment but for operational costs. This way you have cash left over that your organization can use for other purposes.

6. Maximum grip and control

You decide for yourself what your ideal IT environment will look like, where you place it and how you manage it. This way you decide where you store important data and where you run your applications. This way you have maximum grip and control over your data and most important applications. We can of course advise you based on your wishes on how to set up an optimal IT environment.

7. Multi-vendor

The separate purchase of hardware and software from different vendors often takes a lot of time. In addition, the delivery times often do not match, which means that support ends at different times. We ensure that you flexibly purchase hardware and software from different vendors, that all equipment is available at the same time and that the support level you want is matched to the end date of your subscription.

8. Circular IT

Contribute to the internal sustainability goals of your organization by purchasing your IT environment as Hardware as a Service. You only use the hardware you really need. In addition, you no longer have to buy hardware that you temporarily need or will only use partially. Do you temporarily need less capacity? IRENT will arrange for the collection of the equipment and, after certified destruction of all data on the data carriers, will use it elsewhere or recycle it. In this way unnecessary e-waste is prevented and you contribute to a circular economy.

9. Maximum flexibility and comfort

You can purchase a Hardware as a Service subscription from us from 12 months. Ideal in a transition phase and in environments where IT needs are more difficult to predict. It is a tailor-made subscription where you decide which hardware, software and services you want to purchase. We take care of the rest, so you only need one party to work with.

Iaas, PaaS, On-Premise or HaaS?

When it comes to managing your IT environment, there are several options available. These include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), On-Premise and Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Whether you prefer to have full control over your IT environment, outsource it to a third party, or opt for a combination of both, there is a solution that meets your specific needs and goals. To help you out we’ll take a closer look at each of these options, so you can make an informed decision about which is best for you.

Infrastructure as a Service

With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you take the infrastructure your services run on from a third party. You make use of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). You are usually responsible for configuring and maintaining the IT environment running on the infrastructure. One of the advantages is that you decide how you want to configure the hosting space, in terms of resources and software. If you compare IaaS to a fully managed solution, the costs are normally much lower. The lack of in-house technical knowledge and resources to manage and maintain the IT environment can be a disadvantage.

Platform as a Service

A next step could be a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. When purchasing a PaaS solution, the third party takes care of setting up the server and storage space. The Operating System (OS) and middleware (for example, MySQL) are provided by the third party and are not your responsibility. The configuration, management and monitoring of the IT environment are taken care of by the third party and can be seen as a kind of out-of-the-box ‘platform’. 

One of the advantages is that you completely outsource the hosting space and do not have to take care of it yourself. This means you can focus on the applications you need to run on the ‘platform’. This is especially suitable for organizations that cannot free up enough time or technical resources to manage the IT environment. One of the disadvantages can be that you do not decide yourself which software and middleware to use. A third party then makes decisions about this.


On-Premise refers to software technology that has physical limitations to an organization where the IT environment is thus placed “on-site. This is therefore different from, for example, a hosted IT environment, IaaS, PaaS or the Public/Private Cloud. The IT environment is located locally within the organization’s premises. Often only authorized personnel have physical access to this IT environment and the data stored on it. The organization can manage this IT environment itself or outsource it to a third party. Because you have the IT environment in your own environment, you always keep control over who has access to your data. In addition, you maintain maximum control over data and applications. This means that you are not dependent on third parties.

Hardware as a Service

With Hardware as a Service you combine the advantages of On-Premise and IaaS. We ensure that you have the appropriate compute, storage, software and services at your disposal whereby you pay for usage.

You decide:

  • Whether you place the IT environment on your own premises or in an external data center. This allows you to create your own Cloud.
  • To what extent you manage and maintain it yourself and where we can provide support.
BuyOperational leaseFinancial leaseHardware as a Service
Who owns it?You own the hardware. The hardware is on your organization’s balance sheetYou don’t own the hardware. The hardware is not on your organization’s balance sheetAfter the term, you own the hardware. The hardware is on your organization’s balance sheetYou don’t own the hardware. The hardware is not on your organization’s balance sheet
Cost itemYou depreciate on the hardwareThe monthly cost is deductible from profitYou depreciate the hardwareThe monthly cost is deductible from profit
TCO on balanceOn balance, the solution costs more money and the residual value is uncertainMore advantageous than purchase and financial lease i.e. calculator costs and time value of moneyOn balance, the solution costs more money and the residual value is uncertainMost advantageous solution
Software and services includedSoftware, systems from other vendors and services must be purchased separatelyIt is not possible to include software and services in an operational lease contractIt is not possible to include software and services in a financial lease contractWe include software, services and hardware from different vendors in one flexible subscription
IT Lifecycle managementYou are responsible for IT Lifecycle managementThe supplier is responsible for IT Lifecycle managementAt the end of the term, you are responsible for IT Lifecycle managementWe take care of extending and optimally redeploying hardware we pick up from you
Scaling up and downThere are no opportunities to scale down except by selling hardware. If you need to scale up you will more quickly buy additional hardwareThere are no opportunities to scale up or down There are no opportunities to scale up or downYou can easily scale up and down with the hardware, software and services

The way HaaS works compared to traditional IT spending

With HaaS, you pay for hardware usage rather than making large upfront investments in technology. This allows you to stay current with the latest hardware advancements and avoid the costs associated with outdated technology. Additionally, HaaS eliminates the need for in-house technical expertise and resources to manage and maintain the hardware, freeing up valuable time and resources that can be used elsewhere within the organization. HaaS also offers greater flexibility in terms of scalability, allowing you to easily increase or decrease your hardware resources as needed. Compared to traditional IT expenditures, HaaS offers a more cost-effective, flexible, and streamlined solution for managing your hardware needs.


What are the maturities?

You can purchase our Hardware as a Service solution from 12 months to 48 months. Most customers enter into a Hardware as a Service agreement for 24 to 36 months.

How do you handle data on the data carriers that are returned?

Data on returned data carriers is immediately erased by us in a certified manner. After erasure, you will immediately receive a certificate from us so that you can prove that you have acted in accordance with AVG/GDPR.

Can I combine products from different vendors?

Yes. Hardware as a Service offers the possibility to combine products from different vendors and software suppliers in one flexible subscription.

Do you support installation and migration?

Yes. With our Hardware as a Service solution, you can easily purchase desired services. This ranges from installation/implementation to management and maintenance.

Which support levels can I choose from?

By default, we offer 9×5 Next Business Day support. Of course, it is also possible to upgrade to, for example, 24×7 4H Mission Critical. We tailor the Hardware as a Service subscription to your needs and wishes.

Can I also return hardware during the subscription period?

One of the main advantages of Hardware as a Service is the ability to scale up and down of hardware including software and services. Do you have a capacity peak? Then we bring extra capacity to the desired location. If you need less hardware, we will pick it up again.

Is Hardware as a Service the same as leasing?

No. Only hardware can be included in operational lease and financial lease agreements. In addition, the terms are often longer than 36 months, it is not possible to return hardware during the term and you must purchase software and services separately. With our Hardware as a Service solution, you combine hardware, software and services in one subscription and can scale down in the interim.

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