Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

At IRENT you can design your own IT environment. With our Hardware as a Service solution you can combine IT equipment (servers, storage & networking), software and services in one flexible subscription.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

  1. Save valuable time from your IT team
  2. Benefit from a 15% cost saving
  3. Always use the latest technology
  4. Already possible from 12 months
  5. Have more cash resources available
  6. Maximum grip and control over your IT environment
  7. Combine hardware, software and services from different vendors in one single subscription
  8. Contribute to internal sustainability goals
  9. Maximum flexibility and comfort

Are you curious how much you can save exactly? Make a request for a savings paper or contact us directly!

What is Hardware as a Service?

In addition to the use of hardware from different vendors and the flexible purchase of software, it is also possible to add various services to the subscription. Think, for example, of installation, implementation, rack & stack, migration, data security, support, management and maintenance. In this way you can realize significant time savings for your IT team.

With our Hardware as a Service solution you only pay for the IT equipment you use and not for the ownership. You can easily scale up and down on demand. This means that IT equipment that you no longer use will be collected by us. This results in a lower monthly price, transparent costs and predictability.

IRENT takes care of the complete investment in the IT infrastructure. This way you only pay a fixed monthly amount for the hardware you use (from CapEx to OpEx). You can already start with our as a Service solution with a 12-month usage period. With Hardware as a Service, our customers reduce their costs by an average of 15%.

You have one point of contact for your complete IT environment. We arrange everything and ensure that the IT environment meets your wishes and requirements. At the end of the term you always have the option to extend, terminate or to do a complete tech refresh. We ensure that your data will always wiped conform GDPR standards when you return the IT equipment.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

1. Your IT team saves time and can really focus on IT again

Many organizations underestimate the amount of time the IT team spends on:

sizing, sourcing and buying IT equipment and software from various vendors
keeping support SLAs and end dates consistent
implementing/installing the environment
disposing of the hardware again after proven service
possibly managing and maintaining the environment
The time the internal IT team spends on this is often underestimated and insufficiently taken into account in the business case underlying the purchase of an IT environment. Valuable time, which the IT team would rather spend on more important tasks, where their expertise is better used.2.

2. Save an average of 15% in costs

With our Hardware as a Service solution, IRENT takes care of the investment in the required IT equipment, software and services. You only pay a fixed amount per month for the IT environment you need. By scaling up and down ‘on-demand’ you are also flexible and you can realize a faster time to market. We can provide a savings paper without obligation with a calculation, including all associated information.

3. Access to the latest technology

Sometimes purchased hardware no longer meets the requirements of your organization at a certain point in time. Replacement is expensive and with the disposal of the old hardware, extra value also flows away from your organization. With our “as a Service” service you can use the latest IT equipment from 12 months. You can also upgrade longer-term subscriptions in the meantime if a tech refresh is necessary.

4. As early as 12 months

If you want to determine for yourself what your IT environment will look like and where it will be, it is often difficult to purchase this flexibly and for the short term. With our Hardware as a Service solution you can do this and you can do this from 12 months. Other solutions often result in a minimum collection period of 36 to 60 months.

5. You have more cash resources

With Hardware as a Service you do not opt ​​for an investment (CapEx) but for operational costs (OpEx). This way you have cash left over that your organization can use for other purposes.

6. Maximum grip and control

You decide for yourself what your ideal IT environment will look like, where you place it and how you manage it. This way you decide where you store important data and where you run your applications. This way you have maximum grip and control over your data and most important applications. We can of course advise you based on your wishes on how to set up an optimal IT environment.

7. Multi-vendor

The separate purchase of hardware and software from different vendors often takes a lot of time. In addition, the delivery times often do not match, which means that support ends at different times. We ensure that you flexibly purchase hardware and software from different vendors, that all equipment is available at the same time and that the support level you want is matched to the end date of your subscription.

8. Circular IT

Contribute to the internal sustainability goals of your organization by purchasing your IT environment as Hardware as a Service. You only use the hardware you really need. In addition, you no longer have to buy hardware that you temporarily need or will only use partially. Do you temporarily need less capacity? IRENT will arrange for the collection of the equipment and, after certified destruction of all data on the data carriers, will use it elsewhere or recycle it. In this way unnecessary e-waste is prevented and you contribute to a circular economy.

9. Maximum flexibility and comfort

You can purchase a Hardware as a Service subscription from us from 12 months. Ideal in a transition phase and in environments where IT needs are more difficult to predict. It is a tailor-made subscription where you decide which hardware, software and services you want to purchase. We take care of the rest, so you only need one party to work with.

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