Hardware as a Service (HaaS)


✔   Want to pay the same fixed monthly fee for your IT infrastructure (OpEx)?
✔   To reduce your investment burden (CapEx) and preserve your liquidity?
✔   Pay as you go hardware rather than to own it?
✔   To always have the latest systems and technologies available?
✔   To have the option to up- and downscale your IT when required?


It’s getting harder and harder for organisations to predict their future IT requirements. These days, your IT environment needs more flexibility than ever to be able to respond to your organisation’s needs. Not just to allow you to use the latest technologies, but also to meet changing capacity and performance demands. At the same time, in many different areas we are seeing a shift from ownership to use, or from CAPEX to OPEX. If you want to retain flexibility, you can rent hardware for a shorter period, or take out a lease over a longer period. Want even more flexibility than that? In that case a contract via IRENT financial services would be ideal. It can be terminated on a monthly basis and includes the option of upscaling or even downscaling. The possibility to downscale  certainly makes IRENT unique.

Choose rental to switch from CAPEX to OPEX

Capacity can easily be upscaled or downscaled | Competitive fixed monthly fee (OPEX) | Can be terminated on a monthly basis, without obligation | Enterprise IT solutions from leading vendors such as Dell EMC, Lenovo, IBM, HPE and Cisco | We’ll cooperate with your existing IT partner


EPSON Europe required a smart financial model for their hybrid cloud needs. IRENT offered the necessary flexibility through long-term rental. EPSON can keep its monthly usage costs low. Plus, the company can upscale or even downscale for however much or little capacity is required. Read the case >

“Pay for use rather than ownership. Flexible rental solutions boost the sharing economy and contribute to cicularity.”

Other reasons to rent IT systems

  • Demo
    No doubt you’ve already spent lots of time investigating the theoretical and technological possibilities offered by the systems on the market.
  • Try and buy
    Nowadays when it comes to software or licenses, try and buy has become quite common. That makes perfect sense. After all, seeing is believing – you want to try a solution first to see whether it meets your needs.
  • Proof of concept
    With a Proof of Concept (PoC), you can explore the possibilities that technology offers and, with the aid of a use case, assess whether systems match your organization’s unique IT profile.
  • Financial services
    IRENT Financial Services makes it possible to hire flexible capacity on a temporary basis for server, storage and/or networking hardware. You pay a fixed monthly fee for this service. Looking for maximum flexibility without any unexpected costs?
  • IT-services
    Want to keep your IT environment up-and-running during a migration? Or need to reduce the risk of downtime during the migration? In that case you can rent a technological bypass, extra back-up or a temporary identical IT environment.

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