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How rental IT systems can save your business

Several news pages already mentioned it. The current Intel chip shortage on the Xeon Cascade processor is likely to continue in 2020. For companies, which ordered the Xeon processor, this can cause a delayed delivery. Because the IT infrastructure is the centre of your business (your business cannot run without) it is important to quickly overcome this delay. How? Temporarily place a rental IT system can most certainly save your business. Heres how:

Let’s assume you ordered a new IT infrastructure which should include Xeon Cascade. Because of the INTEL shortage, it is most likely that there will be a delayed delivery. To bridge this gap, you can rent everything you need via IRENT, from parts to complete Datacentre- infrastructures. You can extend every week or every month until your ordered systems are delivered, migrated and up and running.

With a stock of over € 15mil. in enterprise solutions and parts as Intel CPUs, IRENT is able to deliver complete datacentres within 24 hours.

In the past, we could help other businesses with delivery issues. Read the case studies below:

Case study: delayed delivery

Curious about the possibilities that IRENT can give you? Our team is always willing to help you. Together we will create the best possible tailor-made solution for your business!

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