13 Mar 2023

The ultimate guide to seamless IT migration

IT migration is an important process for organizations looking to update and improve their infrastructure to stay current with the demands of the rapidly changing digital world. A successful IT migration can lead to improved performance, increased efficiency and greater security. At the same time, the migration process can also

08 Nov 2022

Circular IT at Hardware as a Service

This article is the start of a series of blogs on circular IT. A topic that we hold dear at IRENT and want to reflect in all our services. Of our range of services, Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is not only popular, but also adds value to our customers

Groene IT
09 Aug 2022

Advantages of renting IT equipment vs buying it

Renting IT equipment is becoming increasingly popular. And that’s not surprising, because during the corona crisis, many companies needed IT equipment on short notice. This is because employees were forced to work from home. The complete purchase of new equipment was not only very pricey, but also a major time-consuming

03 Aug 2022

IRENT is part of the Circular IT Group

IRENT becomes part of the Circular IT Group ( IRENT is the circular market leader in Europe in the rental and ‘As a Service’ offering of servers, storage, networking and devices. Together with Circular IT Group, IRENT will focus on accelerating growth in the coming years by strengthening and broadening

02 Feb 2022

4 Things You Don’t Need For Your Next AI Project

By Tony Paikeday This year, many developers will launch their first major AI project. If you’re in this camp, and building a recommender, a natural language processing app, a computer vision system, or another applied AI project, you’ve no doubt thought about how and where to prototype and train your

01 Sep 2021

IRENT selected as Official EU Rental Partner for NVIDIA DGX Station A100

IRENT has been chosen as NVIDIA’s official European Union rental partner for the  NVIDIA DGX Station™ A100 to help meet the rapidly increasing demand for platforms that can fast-track AI initiatives. These systems are available for organizations seeking a flexible AI development platform without the need for data center infrastructure,

16 Sep 2020

Server infected with ransomware – What to do?

In recent years, Ransomware has repeatedly come up in the top most threatening cyber risks. What can you do if your server is infected with ransomware?

Server besmet met ransomware
13 Mar 2020

IT capacity and working from home

Do I have enough IT capacity when all of the employees are working from home? This is a question that we have been asked a lot recently.

Temporary IT capacity and working from home
26 Feb 2020

Unstructured data and extra capacity

The type of data that we want to limit as much as possible is at the same time the most common: unstructured data.

Ongestructureerde data
19 Feb 2020

15 years anniversary

IRENT has been around for 15 years. This means we will celebrate and treat others! On extra service in our case. For twelve months our IRENT man will support you in ‘any case’. Submit a request! Via this page you can submit a request to ask the IRENT man to


Working together with us means

Delivery within 24 hours

Delivery within 24 hours

IRENT stocks more than €15 million in IT infrastructure. Here’s a small selection of what we have available: 5+ petabytes of high-performance drives, 5000+ cores, 250+ servers and 40+ terabytes of memory.
Customised solutions

Customised solutions

We offer IT infrastructure in the form of OPEX solutions for periods ranging from a week to several years. We give you the flexibility to upscale or even downscale as you require.
We deliver our solutions worldwide

We deliver our solutions worldwide

We have more than 20 years experience in the rapid delivery of server, storage and network infrastructure solutions all over the world.
Your request answered within 2 hours

Your request answered within 2 hours

On workdays we can offer you a customised quote within 2 hours, including a recommendation on the hardware and configuration that would suit your needs.