Advantages of renting IT equipment vs buying it

Renting IT equipment is becoming increasingly popular. And that’s not surprising, because during the corona crisis, many companies needed IT equipment on short notice. This is because employees were forced to work from home. The complete purchase of new equipment was not only very pricey, but also a major time-consuming task. The switch to renting all IT equipment worked out so well that many companies did not take the step of buying it. 

This is because even outside of crises, renting IT equipment is very advantageous for many companies. Especially in terms of flexibility and cost savings. Are you hesitating whether to buy or rent IT equipment? Then we will tell you more about the advantages of renting IT equipment compared to buying it. 

Spread the costs

Buying IT equipment for all employees, along with a properly functioning server and sufficient storage, comes with a hefty bill. After all, buying new equipment is a hefty investment. An investment of this size can cause problems later if unexpected costs arise. The corona crisis is a good example of this. When you choose to rent IT, you can spread the costs over the agreed rental period. In addition, it is possible to terminate a lease or scale down when necessary. This way, you only pay for the period the equipment is actually used. 


Do you need IT equipment only for a certain period of time? For example, during major events or peak seasons? Then renting IT equipment offers a lot more flexibility than purchasing it. After the event or peak period, the equipment can simply be returned. And do you already have your own equipment, or is the rented equipment not enough? Then it is also very easy to rent more, which provides a lot of flexibility. This is also very handy when a company works with temporary contracts or if you work on a project basis. 

No worries about lifespan

No device has an infinite lifespan. In fact, due to rapidly developing technologies, IT equipment nowadays becomes outdated very quickly. When a company rents the IT equipment from an IRENT, this is something they no longer have to worry about; in fact, that is IRENT’s concern. We make sure that the IT equipment is renewed often and is constantly up-to-date. 

No repair and maintenance costs

When you rent IT equipment, you are not responsible for the maintenance costs and any necessary repairs. This is our responsibility; we make sure that all equipment works properly at all times. In addition, you also do not have the costs for parts, repair tools and manpower required for repair and maintenance. So renting is also an economical option in this respect. 
Curious about the rental options for your IT equipment? Then contact one of our specialists and together we will see what we can do for your business.