Circular IT at Hardware as a Service

This article is the start of a series of blogs on circular IT. A topic that we hold dear at IRENT and want to reflect in all our services. Of our range of services, Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is not only popular, but also adds value to our customers when it comes to sustainability goals. Namely, it contributes to the circularity of IT and reduces CO2 emissions. With our Hardware as a Service solution, you combine IT equipment (servers, storage, networking or devices), software and services in one flexible subscription. But what exactly is circular IT and how does an as a Service solution contribute to this? We explain it to you below.

A circular IT world

IT stands for information technology and this includes hardware, software, peripherals and networks. IT plays a major role in our society today. More than 160 million new laptops are manufactured worldwide every year. On the other hand, 160,000 laptops are thrown away every day in the Netherlands alone. What people don’t think about often enough is that 70% of these laptops could simply still be reused or raw materials recovered. That would be a lot nicer for our environment. If action is not taken in time, we may even suffer drastic consequences from the large-scale destruction of hardware and subsequent new production. Think about the overuse of resources, climate change and an increasing shortage of raw materials; this cannot be the intention right? 

In our view, it is important for all companies using IT hardware to keep this in mind. Only together can we strive for a circular economy, where e-waste is a thing of the past and optimal use of IT hardware is optimized

Hardware as a Service

With our Hardware as a Service service, you only pay for the IT equipment and software you use and not for ownership. This also allows for easy scaling up and down. This means that IT equipment you no longer use will be picked up by us. This results in a lower monthly price, optimal use of IT hardware and predictability. It is not only advantageous for your organization, but also for the environment!

The optimal use of hardware through an as a Service solution offers customers a circular and sustainable solution to various IT issues. Equipment is used optimally at the times when customers actually need it. In addition, there is a focus on extending the lifespan of the equipment. Because specialists take care of repairing the equipment when it is returned, unnecessary destruction is avoided. The hardware is redeployed again, reducing the production of new equipment, thus significantly reducing global CO2 emissions. We can calculate in detail the CO2 emissions you save in an as a Service solution. 

IRENT joined the Circular IT Group in July 2022. The group offers Circular IT solutions, aimed at extending the lifetime of IT assets and thereby minimizing the negative impact of the IT value chain on the environment and (critical) resource consumption. The group offers services such as disposal and destruction of end-of-life IT assets, secure data removal, repair, refurbishment, distribution, installation and resale of short-lived IT equipment.

Also want to contribute to a circular IT world?

In the coming time, we will explain how our various services contribute to a circular IT world. We do this, of course, in the hope that we can inspire you. Have you become interested in our Hardware as a Service service or do you have any questions? Then please  get in touch and let one of our specialists advise you.

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