Explosive growth in PoC requests for Nutanix HCI throughout Europe

All over Europe, the number of Proof of Concept requests at IRENT for Nutanix’s HCI solutions is growing rapidly. This increase is the result of a number of market trends.

First and foremost, the business operations of IT and other organisations are becoming increasingly data-intensive. This is placing ever greater demands on IT performance and capacity. Traditionally, this is a complex and unwelcome combination. These are precisely the problems that Nutanix’s HCI solutions solve, and as a result there is more demand for them than ever before.

The power of Nutanix
This success can be explained by the ability of the Nutanix’s HCI solutions to reduce the complexity of infrastructure, promote consolidation and enable IT teams to hit their operational targets. CRN reports that in 2018, Nutanix – together with Dell EMC – was responsible for almost half of the global turnover growth in HCI solutions. This is firm evidence that Nutanix’s proposition is perfectly aligned with what the market currently demands.

Strategic partnerships
Nutanix also demonstrates the crucial importance of strategic partnerships with hardware vendors. Thanks to the partnerships between Nutanix and major players such as Dell EMC, Lenovo and IBM, the Nutanix HCI solution can now be accessed via almost every IT environment. In other words, the standard hardware used in an organisation is immaterial.

Like to apply for a PoC or demo?
As a demo-pool partner of most major hardware vendors, IRENT offers PoCs and demos for emerging technologies in order to help companies make the right choices. Like to find out more about Nutanix’s HCI solutions? Or apply for a PoC or demo?


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