Hands-on use of the GDPR

No one will argue the fact that personal data needs to be protected but how do you apply the GDPR in practice? How do you know where sensitive data is stored in your organisation? After all, a CV or other personal data that is received via e-mail can often still be found on the share & mail server or on the recipient’s hard disk. And once you have an idea of all the personal data held, how do you make sure that everything is stored, archived and anonymised, if necessary, in accordance with legislation? Going through all the data manually is a hopeless task. In collaboration with software supplier Micro Focus, IRENT now offers an accessible solution: GDPR Appliance as a Service.

GDPR Appliance as a Service
GDPR Appliance as a Service offers a simple and efficient solution to analyse stored data and to clean up all storage systems in accordance with the GDPR. Micro Focus’ ControlPoint analysis and data management software scans structured but mainly also the much more complex unstructured data and analyses it. After all, about 80% of all stored data consists of unstructured data such as e-mails and images.

Summarising, GDPR Appliance as a Service is a GDPR MOT that immediately tells you where the challenges lie and it offers the tools for an immediately solution. The software application has already proved itself at big insurance companies and banks that have been working on GDPR issues for a very long time already.

Scanning and cleaning up in accordance with GDPR legislation

  • Which personal data is stored in which databases, CRM, e-mail servers, backups and workstations of staff?
  • According to the GDPR, what should you pay attention to and what has priority?
  • What is the easiest way of applying the selected GDPR policy to your data?
  • How do you develop an organisation-wide policy on that basis? Or, if you have already formulated a GDPR policy, how do you implement it?

IRENT and Micro Focus GDPR MOT. Low entry costs. No paperwork. Simple preparations


Start using the GDPR MOT now
With GDPR Appliance as a Service, you hire an accessible solution: dedicated hardware that is pre-installed with Micro Focus’ ControlPoint analysis and data management software. It saves time and keeps entry costs low. After delivery, you simply connect the appliance and you can start analysing the desired data virtually right away. As such, this solution is perfect as a Proof of Concept or as a demo for organisations that are still looking for the best GDPR solution.


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