IRENT presents its new identity

iRent – Europe’s market leader in the rental of server, storage and network solutions – is now trading under a new name: IRENT. This new name emphases the IT service provider’s focus on enterprise systems as well as its international character. At the same time the company has launched a new corporate identity and a new website to provide customers with an even higher level of service.

Why the new name? The answer is simple, says Marketing Manager Tristan Kortleve. “Within Europe we’re the market leader in the rental of high-end enterprise server, storage and network systems. Our new name reinforces our proposition more effectively. And at the same time it makes clear that we don’t rent out simple hardware for workstations, but focus exclusively on more complex IT systems. And now that the new domain name ‘.systems’ has become available, it’s only logical that we would decide to change our name.”

Flexible rental solutions for enterprises

IRENT’ flexible rental solutions help to give organisations the flexibility and stability they need in complex IT environments, whether they need a temporary solution, have to respond to a disaster or are looking for a Proof of Concept for new technology. “We ensure that enterprises always have the most efficient IT capacity at their disposal. For as long or short a time as they need it, with the possibility of both upscaling and even downscaling if they want.”

The change has also been prompted by the international character of the business. “Our market is increasingly shifting abroad, as business partners in other countries come into contact with us more frequently and make use of our services,” explains Business Manager Roderick Bijker. “This is largely due to our strategic partnerships with vendors in the EMEA region, who use demo and rental pool, which we outsource for them.”

IT services for server, storage and network systems

The new name is accompanied by a new corporate identity and a completely new website. The site design is now even more user-friendly, enabling users to find the right product quickly and easily. In addition, more prominence has been given to the IT services that IRENT provides to large enterprises to relieve them of a great deal of work. These include financial services, professional IT services to get systems up-and-running, support, certified data wiping and the purchase of old hardware.

Hardware as a Service

IRENT mission is to contribute to the realisation of a circular economy. The current linear economy (in which products are manufactured then disposed of) places a heavy burden on our environment. “We need to ensure that our planet remains liveable for the generations that follow us,” says Bijker. “A key element of this is the efficient use of IT data centre systems. Paying to use Hardware as a Service (HaaS) rather than owning hardware is one way of making a difference.”

team kantoor