IT capacity and working from home

Do I have Enough IT capacity when all of the employees are working from home?

This is a question that we have been asked more and more in recent weeks. The answer can be both yes and no. This ofc ourse depends on your IT environment. However, the scope of the adjustments that have to be made differs per company. We have listed some possible changes (with a temporary nature) for you. Together we will find a solution.

From VDI and remote desktops to rental servers and rental laptops

The sudden switch from working in the office to working at home can affect the capacity of your data center. Think about how much has to be changed technically: everyone working with a remote desk (VDI) like Citrix or VMware, skype meetings instead of face to face meetings or working with programs that require a lot of graphic power, but suddenly on the laptop instead of the office computers These are just a few examples of things that are causing changes in the IT environment.

How do you react to these changes?

One of the most common changes is an change in the usage of the capacity. IT assets are  deployed differently and that also requires a movement of the capacity usage. Renting temporary solutions helps to reduce the risks of downtime and to bridge this period. We do our utmost best to help companies to continue their business. Renting temporary server capacity or laptops will help you to continue your business. Our team is ready to help and unburden you

Temporary IT capacity and working from home

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