Reasons to rent

You may have heard of the possibility before, but perhaps it is completely new to you: data centre systems rental. In a nutshell, it means having the option to place temporary IT systems in your own IT environment. For as short or as long as you need.

Let’s assume. You want to replace your IT environment and you’re looking around for a potential new system. You’ve probably already listed the applications and benefits of various systems to make sure you’re making the right choice with your investment. A demo offers this last desired piece of certainty.

Proof of Concept (PoC)
Testing and experiencing new systems is a great first step. But if you want to take it one step further, a Proof of Concept could help you gaining this extra bit of certainty. With a PoC, your workload is transferred to the new (PoC) system. This allows you to optimally assess whether the system is suitable for your workload and meets the future needs of the organisation.

Try and Buy
You are certain about the purchase of the new system. Yet you would like that extra bit of certainty. In that case, Try and Buy would be suitable. You first try out the systems on-premise. If you are satisfied with the performance, you proceed to the actual purchase.

Bridging the delivery gap
A delay in the delivery time. It is often impossible to predict and it often has enormous consequences for the IT environment and the entire organisation. The delay in delivery time will have to be resolved. This period can be bridged by renting components or even entire systems.

Hardware as a Service
Flexible and easy up- and downscaling of your IT systems, predictable monthly costs, reducing investment pressure and also retaining your liquidity. Renting IT systems through a Hardware as a Service arrangement makes this possible. Discover the advantages!

IT migration
An IT migration can require a lot of capacity. Do you want to minimise the risk of downtime and stay up and running during an IT migration? Renting systems contributes to this and removes these potential risks.
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Temporary IT capacity
Are you experiencing temporary peaks in business activities and therefore a temporary need for extra hardware capacity? If you are going to purchase extra capacity for this temporary peak, it will only be used during the peak period. Renting data centre systems offers a way out here. By using rental systems, you only pay for the extra capacity when you actually need it.

Escalation/ emergency
A fire, a ransomware attack, systems down unexpectedly. It can all happen and often when it does happen you are not prepared immediately. Renting server or storage solutions offers a way out in such cases.

Cloud Transition
Switching to the cloud comes with a transition period that is often underestimated. Downtime during the transition period is often not an option. To ensure that things continue as usual during this transition, you can opt to rent systems.

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