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Your IT needs are sometimes hard to predict. The ever faster changing circumstances within your organisation demand more flexibility from your IT environment and equipment. When purchasing or leasing data centre systems or devices, you often ensure overcapacity. But what do you do if you temporarily need more capacity or performance? How do you ensure that your IT environment remains dynamic? And how do you keep this temporary capacity affordable?
Replacement or extra equipment in house in no time. No problem!

Temporarily more capacity
Bridging a cloud migration
Temporary project
Bridge delayed delivery time
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IT migration, hire extra capacity

A (data) migration or firmware upgrade can strongly influence the performance or availability of your data centre systems. Don’t take unnecessary risks! Does your IT environment need to continue running optimally during a migration? Hire a technological bypass, swing box or temporarily an identical IT environment.

More capacity, a good reason for Delphi

VoFor a large oil company, Delphi (the research consortium at TU Delft) has developed Studio for Imaging software. This relates to the imaging of 3D seismic measurements. To test this, a powerful enough Linux cluster was needed.
Read more about the customer case

Rent more computing power or capacity temporarily

Need to bridge peak times efficiently? Need extra computing power, VMs, laptops, desktops, network ports or storage? No organisation is static. Neither is your IT environment. Hire additional server, storage or network equipment temporarily.

Bridging during cloud transition

We are going to the cloud! Such a major decision is often followed by a long and uncertain transition period. How do you keep your IT environment running in the meantime? What if you need to expand during the transition period? What do you do if a support contract for your business-critical IT environment expires? Renting a temporary IT environment provides the answer: bridge the transition period to the cloud and secure your IT processes.


If the exact form of your cloud strategy is not yet finalised, opt for a HaaS and/or DaaS. An on-premises cloud experience, paying per month, worry-free and the possibility to scale up or down.

If a support contract for your current equipment expires during this transition period, choose temporary support.

Temporary project

Een project vraagt soms om tijdelijk meer IT-capaciteit. Ook kan het essentieel zijn dat de kosten toegerekend worden aan het specifieke project. Het huren van server(s), storage, network, desktops of laptops biedt de oplossing. Bepaal zelf de configuratie, support en waar nodig het beheer & onderhoud. Zo betaal je enkel voor de extra capaciteit wanneer je deze ook echt nodig hebt.

Bridging delivery time, IT rental

New infrastructure systems ordered and implementation planned. Everything has been calculated in advance to meet the deadline. And then, unexpectedly, you hear that the specified delivery time will not be met. And then what? A delay like this often has major consequences. We have a large stock of enterprise systems.
Also available if you need IT capacity quickly, but first have to enter the tendering process.


Your system unexpectedly goes down, your storage capacity fills up faster than expected, performance declines, your VMs cause problems. Or perhaps a fire or other damage has brought your environment to a standstill. No matter how well you have organised your business, unforeseen situations can never be ruled out. Do you need a replacement system or IT environment in house today? No problem!

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