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PowerEdge R7515

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7515 rent

Dell EMC Poweredge R7515 rental

The PowerEdge R7515 has been specially designed according to a scalable system architecture and therefore offers a good basis for a scalable and future-proof IT environment. Due to many options and flexibility, choosing this platform is a choice for the future. By deploying easily scalable platforms, you develop a data centre that is capable of providing optimum application performance.

Product Features

  • Direct connection SAS / SATA / NVMe nodes suitable for vSAN
  • Save on licenses through core density in a single socket
  • 64 cores in a single socket system

Modernizing an IT environment is a major investment. That is precisely why it is important that you are certain of your choice. This is the reason that we offer Proof of Concepts so that you can test the PowerEdge R7515 in your own IT environment. Curious about how this Dell EMC rack server can contribute to improving your data centre? Experience it yourself through a Proof of Concept.

Rent the PowerEdge R7515

Are you considering new systems in your data centre? In that case, it is necessary to be sure that the chosen systems fit in your unique data centre and fits your future plans. Because we want to contribute to gaining this certainty, we offer the possibility of a Proof of Concept. Then you can test the PowerEdge R7515 yourself in your own environment and find out for yourself whether this system meets your requirements.


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