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ThinkSystem SD530

Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 rent

Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 rental

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 is an ultradense and economical two-socket server in a 0.5U rack form factor. With four SD530 server nodes installed in the ThinkSystem D2 enclosure, and the ability to cable and manage up to four D2 enclosures as one asset, you have an ideal high-density 2U four-node (2U4N) platform for enterprise and cloud workloads.


Certainty is always pleasant. Especially when it comes to the choice of data center systems. Testing the systems can give you that extra bit of intended security. With a Proof of Concept you experience in your own IT environment, with your own workload, how the systems function. Contact our IT-specialists to discuss the possibilities.

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