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ThinkSystem SR635

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 rent

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 rental

With the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 you get a very compact server, with up to 64 CPU cores, and PCIe 4.0 support for additional I/O. The SR635 is the ultimate single socket server in a space-saving form factor. Because this server contains just one single socket, which has up to 64 cores, it is possible to save on costs for software licenses (licenses that are charged per socket).
Furthermore, the ThinkSystem SR635 also has onboard NVMe PCIe ports with space for up to 16 NVMe SSDs. This keeps I/O available, which further reduces the purchase costs of NVMe.
The SR635 is designed to make optimal use of the possibilities that  the AMD EPYC architecture has to offer. Such as, the full performance of 280W 64-Core CPUs and support for memory at 3200Mhz and PCIe 4.0.

Features ThinkSystem SR635

  • AMD EPYC 7002 CPU series
  • Up to 64 Cores with 128 threads at 3.7Ghz
  • Up to 2 TB of memory
  • Space for up to 3 GPUs
  • Up to 16 x SFF Hot swap drive bays
  • Possibility of 16 NVMe discs without oversubscription

Lenovo ThinkSystem rental from IRENT

Are you looking at the possibilities for leasing or purchasing this ThinkSystem system? And do you want optimal certainty about the functioning of this system in your IT infrastructure? A Proof of Concept may  help you to obtain this certainty. You test the system in your own data centre, with your own workload. By doing this, you immediately experience whether this system meets all your requirements! Contact our IT specialists for the possibilities.

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