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Thinksystem SR645

Lenovo Thinksystem SR645 rent

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 rental

If you are looking for high calculation density in a 1U system, the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 is the most suitable candidate. With two sockets for AMD EPYC 7K CPUs in a 1U server, you can easily store 128 cores 3.7Ghz in unprecedented space. Basically designed for the ROME architecture, this server can take full advantage of the capabilities of the APYC 7 series. Within 1U, there is still room for up to 12 NVMe disks, up to 4TB of memory and up to 3 GPUs for substantial processing capacity.With the AMD architecture, the server runs safely and at full capacity, without bugs like Meltdown and Specter. Due to the high number of cores per socket, considerable savings can also be made on software licenses, including with Microsoft and VMware.

SR645 Specifications:

  • Dual socket AMD EPYC 7K series CPUs – 64 cores and 128 threads at 3.7 GHz
  • Up to 32 TruDDR4 memory dimms with up to 4TB of memory
  • Up to 3 Single width GPUs
  • Onboard SATA controller for 12 SATA disks (no additional controller required)
  • Unprecedented many NVMe drives, up to 12 NVMe disks possible
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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 rental at IRENT

Would you like to experience how this system functions in your own IT environment? A Proof of Concept makes that possible. You agree on a period within which you want to test the systems. We ensure that the SR645 is delivered your on location and ready to start your Proof of Concept. By testing the system with your own workload, you will immediately know whether the system lives up to expectations. Contact our IT specialists for more information.

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