Are you about to replace all or part of your current IT environment? Or are you switching to the cloud? In that case your redundant hardware will often have some residual financial value. By selling your current IT assets, you can give your hardware or the raw materials contained in it a new life, thereby contributing to a circular economy.

Reuse and recycling of hardware

To prevent your hardware from ending up on the scrapheap at the end of its lifecycle, IRENT can purchase it. That way it can be reused or recycled. The amount that we offer will depend on the system type and specifications. As an additional service, we can go to any location you wish to dismantle redundant hardware and pack it professionally, as well as taking care of shipment. What happens to the data stored on the hardware? It will always be erased. However, if you would like a certificate to prove that all personal data has been erased, we offer another additional service: certified data wiping.

Benefits of hardware purchase by IRENT

  • Extract financial value from your redundant hardware
  • Dismantling, packing, shipment and certified data wiping as additional services
  • Reuse or recycling contributes to sustainability

Interested in selling your old IT environment?

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  • Send your request to hello@irent.nl or fill in the contact form on our website, quoting “Hardware purchase” as the subject and including your answers to the following questions. We’ll supply you with an offer for your old hardware within 2 working days.

    1. What hardware are you looking to sell?
      It will usually be sufficient to state the type of system and list its specifications. You can find these details on the original packing slip or the vendor’s quote or invoice.
    1. When will the hardware be available?
    2. What additional services do you require (if applicable)?These may include dismantling, data wiping and/or shipment.

    Renting out purchased hardware or reusing raw materials

    Our main aim when purchasing hardware is to give it a new life by renting it out or supplying it to other parties. After taking delivery of the hardware we test it, replace any components that need replacing, restore it to factory-default settings and install the latest firmware. If a higher standard of data wiping is required, IRENT can also carry out certified data wiping on your old system. If the hardware can’t be reused, we will ensure that its components and materials are recycled.

    “By purchasing old hardware and giving it a new life or recycling it, we can deal more efficiently with valuable raw materials and extend product lifecycles.”

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    Working together with us means

    Delivery within 24 hours

    Delivery within 24 hours

    IRENT stocks more than €15 million in IT infrastructure. Here’s a small selection of what we have available: 5+ petabytes of high-performance drives, 5000+ cores, 250+ servers and 40+ terabytes of memory.
    Customised solutions

    Customised solutions

    We offer IT infrastructure in the form of OPEX solutions for periods ranging from a week to several years. We give you the flexibility to upscale or even downscale as you require.
    We deliver our solutions worldwide

    We deliver our solutions worldwide

    We have more than 20 years experience in the rapid delivery of server, storage and network infrastructure solutions all over the world.
    Your request answered within 2 hours

    Your request answered within 2 hours

    On workdays we can offer you a customised quote within 2 hours, including a recommendation on the hardware and configuration that would suit your needs.