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Data wiping (GDPR)

Data wiping (GDPR) at IRENT

With the data wiping services of IRENT your data is always safe. IRENT offers certified data wiping to guarantee care in the deletion of personal data. Your sensitive business data does not leave your company; through our certified data wiping this does not happen on rented IT equipment or obsolete products. Everything is of course in accordance with the strict GDPR laws and regulations.

Advantages of data wiping at IRENT

Once you choose for data wiping at IRENT, you are assured of 100% safe data wiping, demonstrable by a certificate.

Depending on the amount of data, we clearly indicate the cost of this additional service in advance. In addition IRENT offers:

  • Demonstrable protection of personal data;
  • 100% approved data wiping by the Dutch government.

    “Reuse of hardware makes an important contribution to the circular economy. Thanks to certified data wiping, systems with sensitive data can be reused.”

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Prevent fines or reputational damage with data wiping

As an organisation, you save an increasing amount of personal and confidential information of customers and other relations, whether you notice this or not. After all, this data important for the success and continuity of your organisation. You do not want to ‘play’ with it. Under the law and regulations (GDPR / AVG), you are not only responsible for care in the processing and storage of sensitive data, but also for the deletion of personal data on rented IT equipment or systems that are obsolete. Avoid high fines or reputational damage by opting for good data wiping. With certified data wiping by IRENT, you receive a certificate as proof after the data has been deleted. If personal data unexpectedly ends up on the street, then it is of great importance to be able to prove that your organisation has handled the data carefully. Not only to prevent damage to your reputation, but also to avoid high fines. Under the current GDPR or AVG legislation, these fines amount to a few percent of the annual turnover, which can easily run into several million euros.

Data wiping at IRENT

Naturally, IRENT deletes all data upon return of rented hardware and the system is reset to factory default. However, the service ‘certified data wiping’ goes a lot further. We use specific software that is certified by the Common Criteria. This is an international standard and method for evaluating the security properties of IT products and systems. The hardware is thus wiped up to dozens of times and checked in between to remove even the most minuscule particles of data. Even when your current IT environment is replaced, we offer reliable data wiping of your data carriers – if desired on site when the hardware may not leave the premises before the data has been deleted. IRENT is not only the right place for data wiping. IRENT offers organizations flexibility in their data center as European market leader in rental of temporary, urgent and project-based server, storage and network solutions, related services and buyout of old hardware. From high-end systems to complete IT infrastructures. At IRENT everything revolves around development. Our organization and our employees want to continuously move forward, just like our customers: I dream, I commit, I enjoy, I grow. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us so we can discuss the possibilities!

Working together with us means

Delivery within 24 hours

Delivery within 24 hours

IRENT stocks more than €15 million in IT infrastructure. Here’s a small selection of what we have available: 5+ petabytes of high-performance drives, 5000+ cores, 250+ servers and 40+ terabytes of memory.
Customised solutions

Customised solutions

We offer IT infrastructure in the form of OPEX solutions for periods ranging from a week to several years. We give you the flexibility to upscale or even downscale as you require.
We deliver our solutions worldwide

We deliver our solutions worldwide

We have more than 20 years experience in the rapid delivery of server, storage and network infrastructure solutions all over the world.
Your request answered within 2 hours

Your request answered within 2 hours

On workdays we can offer you a customised quote within 2 hours, including a recommendation on the hardware and configuration that would suit your needs.