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The amount of unstructured data is increasing. Various research agencies outline the expectation that the amount of unstructured data will continue to grow in the coming years. This continuing increase, is precisely why it is important to set up an IT environment that grows with this.The Dell EMC PowerScale storage systems are built to handle unstructured data in a efficient way.

The PowerScale platform is the solution for unstructured data with broad multi-protocol support. From S3 for applications that uses object storage to the more traditional protocols such as: NFS, SMB and HDFS. PowerScale bridges the gap between legacy and the future of unstructured data storage. The ease with which the Powerscale platform can be scaled up, makes it a very future-proof investment.
Besides, with the high-end combination of OneFS and the Full-Flash storage nodes, which are  based on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, a PowerScale cluster easily delivers 15.8 million IOPS.

The high number of IOPS also makes the Dell EMC PowerScale systems ideal for big-data analytics, digital media, AI and machine learning applications.

PowerScale Specifications

  • Scaling up without production interruption:
    PowerScale clusters can scale from 11TB to 60PB, without costly downtime for customers.
  • Smart scale-out features:
    Make the effective distribution of PowerScale resources highly effective for cluster utilization optimization.
  • Failover options;
    PowerScale offers 80% storage usage on a cluster, which can tolerate failure of multiple nodes
  • Efficiently streamline deployments:
    With support from Kubernetes and Ansible, among others

Available Dell EMC PowerScale models


  • Experience in delivery all over the world
  • Inventory of over € 15 million in IT infrastructure
  • Demopool partner of Dell EMC, Lenovo and IBM.
  • Flexible rental contracts from 1 day to several years
  • More than 15 years rental experience

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