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Dell EMC PowerStore T rent

Dell EMC PowerStore T rent

The Dell EMC PowerStore T is designed and based on a 2U 2 node system. This forms the basis for all of the systems within the PowerStore platform including; the 100oT, 3000T, 5000T, 7000T and 9000T models.

Product features

  • Eliminates traditional storage compromises (such as performance, scalability, efficiency and adaptability)
  • Suitable for both Block and File Storage
  • All-inclusive license ring
  • Higher uptime through containerized architecture

The Dell EMC  PowerStore T offers a data-centric, intelligent and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional, as well as,  modern workloads. It is completely redesigned with a particular focus on performance. This platform achieves unprecedented levels of operational simplicity and agility. With an architecture on based on container-based micro services, advanced storage technology and integrated machine learning, this platform unlocks the power of your data.
The innovation underpinning this platform makes it extremely versatile and performance-oriented. You are ready for the next generation of media with: multi-dimensional scalability, integrated data reduction and data support

Rent PowerStore T Storage

Are you considering purchasing or leasing the Dell EMC PowerStore T? With a demo or a proof of concept can you get a extra bit of security. With a PoC or demo, you test the systems in your own data center, with your own workload. In this way, you know how the systems will function in your IT environment. Looking for a specific or tailor-made configuration ? Our IT specialists are ready to offer you a tailor-made solution. Get in touch for more information.

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