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Recently Dell EMC gave their successful storage platform Dell EMC Unity XT a major upgrade and named the new and improved Unity XT series. Apart from more powerful CPU’s and dual socket capability the new Unity XT series can house even more drives, are NVMe ready an run the latest version of Unity OE.

Unity XT series are all equipped with an all-inclusive license so that all features can be enjoyed without additional purchases. This latest version comes with variety of tools specifically helpful in a multicloud environment. Among these tools are CloudIQ, Cloud Edition for flexible cloud deployments and seamless integration with VMWare Cloud foundation.

The upgrade has an exceptional impact on the performance of the Unity XT platform. Next to more IOPS thanks to the dual socket controllers and lower latency with the use of NVMe fast-caching the Unity XT can house more memory and disks, this gained capacity only makes the system more attractive. In addition to the extra and upgraded CPU’s to boost processing speeds Unity XT gains a lot of performance and efficiency due to the newly designed deduplication method and in-line date compression.

The Unity XT series are available as all-flash and hybrid systems, the latter allows the use of spinning disks. Of both all-flash and hybrid Unity XT there currently four models available:

Unity XT full flash Unity XT hybride
880F 880
680F 680
480F 480
380F 380


Unity XT PureStorage Netapp
Systeem Efficiency 85% 65% 65%
DRR 3:1 3:1 3:1
Effectieve Cap. 255TB 195TB 195TB


This iteration of Unity has brought the platforms motto of simplicity to a completely new level. With potential implementation times of only 25 minutes, these machines can literally save you. This paired with the all-inclusive license makes Unity XT one of the most complete storage propositions. Features that are included in the license:

  • Cloud based storage analytics, Thin provisioning, Unified management, Central management, Dynamic pools, forever snapshots and clones
  • File & block remote replication, inline compression and dedup, SDS, Cloud tiering & archiving
  • Anti-virus enabler, Data at rest encryption, QoS, File level retention, Virtualization integration, IP Multi tenancy

UNITY XT rental from IRENT

IRENT is Europe’s market leader and has for more than 15 years been the expert of choice in temporary server, storage and network solutions. We’re also a proud Gold Partner and the official demo pool partner of Dell EMC. In Europe we facilitate Unity XT rental systems for a variety of projects. Want to find out more about the options available? Why not contact us and put us to the test?

  • Experience in delivery all over the world
  • Inventory of over € 15 million in IT infrastructure
  • Demopool partner of Dell EMC, Lenovo and IBM.
  • Flexible rental contracts from 1 day to several years
  • More than 15 years rental experience

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