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Dell EMC Unity 600 hybrid rent

Dell EMC Unity 600 rental

Designed to be simple, engineered for flash, and built for value: that is theDell EMC Unity 600 hybrid flash storage. This modern midrange storage system is built for organizations from midmarket to enterprise. The Dell EMC Unity is engineerd to take advantage of flash and rich data services for your SAN and NAS workloads. Dense flash technology helps to deliver outstanding TCO. All-inclusive software enables automated tiering and flash caching to ensure your active data is served from high performance SSDs.

Features Unity 600

  • You’ll also have point-in-time snapshots
  • Local and remote data replication
  • Built-in encryption
  • Deep integration with VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack ecosystems

Ongoing operation is simple with proactive assistance and automated remote support. Gain intelligent insight into your storage health with CloudIQ, which provides cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics.

Rent the Dell EMC Unity 600 from IRENT

Are you considering the purchase of lease of a Unity system? And would you like to test the system first? In that case, a Proof of Concept would be ideal. You can test the system in your data centre, with your current workload. By doing so, you can immediately get to know if this system meets all of your requirements. Contact our IT-specialist for more specific information.

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