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Flashsystem 5000

IBM Flashsystem 5000 rent

IBM FlashSystem 5000 rental

The IBM Flashsystem 5010 and 5030 are both all-flash and hybrid flash storage solutions (in the IBM Flashsystem 5000 series), which are specially designed for high-end functionalities. All of this, without sacrificing affordability and performance.
With the built-in functionalities of IBM Spectrum Virtualize, the AI powered storage management and the proactive support with IBM Insights; artificial intelligence is accessible for every organization.

Unique features of the IBM FlashSystem 5000 series:

1.High security

  • Full encryption
  • Air-gap snapshots
  • IBM FlashWatch High

2. High return on investment

  • Take advantage of Spectrum Virtualize across all your storage
  • Uncompromising transformation of IT environment
  • Increased Storage Efficiency (with predictive analysis from IBM Storage Insights)
  • Hybrid and multi cloud available
  • Store more data in less capacity, uncompromising and affordable
  • High availability with 99.9999999% uptime

The IBM FlashSystem5000 series have the following specs:

  • Up to 64GB cache per system
  • Up to 760 drives per system
  • 1520 drives per cluster
  • Full distributed RAID
  • Capacity up to 11673.6TB gross.

Available models: Within the IBM Flashsystem 5ooo series the following models are available:

V5030, V5020, V5010 (the specifications above vary per model)

FlashSystem 5000 rental from IRENT

Renting an IBM Flashsystem 5000 system can be the right choice for many reasons. Whether you have to bridge a delayed IT delivery or you want to achieve more flexibility within your datacentre with the usage of Pay-per-Use conditions.

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