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IBM FlashSystem 5100 NVMe combines the performance of Flash storage and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe). Combining IBM FlashCore with Storage Class Memory; this innovation delivers extremely low latency and features an enormous amount of functionality through IBM Spectrum Virtualize. The possibilities of Spectrum Virtualize provide a wide spectrum of solutions for on-premise data centers and/or cloud solutions.
Our IT specialists make a (tailor-made) system configuration so that the system fits perfectly into your data center.

Most important characteristics of  FlashSystem 5100

✔ Unlocking available data and accelerating business processes.
✔ With the high amount of features a very high ROI
✔ Market leader in storage efficiency
✔ Uptime with six 9’s of availability
✔ Suitable for Hybrid and multicloud

Specs (5100 SFF 4h4):

  • Two nodes, each with at least an 8 core CPU and in-line compression
  • 64Gb cache (32 per node) with options for expanding from 192GB to 576GB per system
  • Eight 10Gb Ethernet ports for standard iSCSI connections
  • Up to 16 or 32GB Fiber Channel connections with FSoNVMe support
  • Possibilities for 25GB Ethernet connections with iSCSI and iSER (RoCe V2 and iWarp support
  • Space for at least twenty-four SFF (2.5 inch) NVMe flash drives
  • Little space required with 2u, 19 inch rack mount

Demo or PoC IBM FlashSystem 5100

Are you considering purchasing or leasing an IBM FlashSytem, ​​but would you first like to experience how the systems function in your data center? You can do this by means of a Proof of Concept or Demo. The tailor-made systems are delivered on location, so you can measure and experience the effectiveness of this IBM storage solution within your own data center.
More information about the demo and PoC possibilities within your data center? Contact us and ask our IT specialists!

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