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FlashSystem 7200 NVMe

IBM FlashSystem 7200 NVMe rent

IBM FlashSystem 7200 and Flashsystem 7200H are both storage solutions that bring the following benefits to your organization: end-to-end NVMe, IBM FlashCore and the ultra-low latency of SCM (Storage Class Memory). The rich feature set of Spectrum Virtualize (with AI predictive storage management), brings compact and extreme high-end storage in a powerful 2U all-flash or hybrid storage solution. This Flash system storage system is ideal for organizations with storage needs; from SMEs to large companies. The 7200 NVMe is simultaneously highly scalable due to the included mutli-cloud support.

Key features FlashSystem 7200

✔ Unparalleled performance and availability
✔ Easily scalable through both upscaling and downscaling options (for performance and capacity)
✔ Unlocking available data super fast
✔ Availability of 99.999999
✔ Hybrid and multicloud suitable

Specs of this Flashsystem:

  • Memory cache up to 1024Gb
  • Up to 80 cores per host for optimal performance
  • Advanced features such as virtualization, data migration, data reduction pools with
  • Thin provisioning, unmap and deduplication
  • Compatible with many high quality solutions from ISVs (Independant Software Vendors)

IBM Flashsystem Proof of Concept

Being certain of your choice for data center systems is important. For this reason, as demo pool partner IBM, we offer Flashsystem demos. In this way, you can experience the systems in your own IT environment. By doing a demo, you immediately know whether the systems are delivering the intended performance. Contact our IT specialists to discuss the possibilities!

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