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The IBM FlashSystem 9110 is built around IBM’s own storage technology: the IBM Flash Core NVMe Modules. Coupled with the NVMe PCI and equipped with improved data compression, this solution guarantees 2 times more data reduction.  Besides it can even achieve 5x data reduction, provided that all preconditions are met. The IBM FlashSystem 9110 offers 2PB storage capacity with a latency of up to 100 microseconds in a 2U enclosure.

The IBM Flashsystem 9100 family is also based on IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, which also makes advanced functionalities such as data replication, performance optimization over different Flash Tiers and snapshot available. It is also possible to manage more than 400 different storage arrays from all known manufacturers via the user interface and even to apply all advanced functionalities to these arrays.

This can either add an extra tier to the IBM FlashSystem 9110 or start a migration from a non-IBM storage platform without high migration costs.

Performance metrics IBM FlashSystem 9110

  • Extremely low latency, lowest latency storage in the market
  • With a latency of only 100 microseconds at least twice as fast as the second fastest
  • Throughput of 34GB per second in a single system
  • At least twice the speed of a PureStorage X90 node and 7.5 times faster than an X90 four node cluster.

Today’s computing workloads are very dynamic. Big data and analytics workloads use a dataset that is used from different storage platforms. It is therefore important that storage platforms are scalable and that migrations can be carried out easily. IBM Storage Insights provides intelligent management and flexibly deployable storage. AI-based analytics engines detect performance and availability disruptions before they occur so that the storage environment delivers the right performance at the right time.

Still not convinced of the impressive specifications? Contact IRENT and do a Proof of Concept with the IBM FlashSystem 9110.

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