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Tape storage rental

Tape storage means better data economics. You gain scalability, durability, security, and energy efficiency at a compellingly lower cost than other media.

As the global market leader, Lenovo offers a full range of tape storage solutions. These include drives, autoloaders, libraries, virtual tape systems, and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which can make tape as simple to use as disk.

Discover the speed of tape storage. Tests confirm the advantages of combining tape, flash and software-defined storage in a single, low-cost solution.

Available tape storage models


  • TS1155 Tape drive
  • TS1150 Tape drive
  • TS1140 Tape drive
  • TS4500 Tape library
  • IBM Spectrum archive


  • TS4500 Tape library
  • TS3310 Tape library
  • TS3200 Tape library
  • TS3100 Tape library
  • TS4300 Tape library

Entry drives:

  • TS2280 Tape drive
  • TS2270 Tape drive
  • TS2260 Tape drive
  • TS2360 Tape drive
  • TS2250 Tape drive

Entry libraries:

  • TS3200 Tape library
  • TS3100 Tape library
  • TS2900 Tape Autoloader

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Are you thinking about purchasing or lease tape storage? Being certain of your choice is pleasant. A Proof of Concept or a Demo can help you to get this extra bit of certainty. You test the systems for a certain period, in your own IT environment. While you are testing the system with your current workload, you will immediately experience the functioning and possibilities that the system offers your data center. Specific wishes or configurations? Our IT specialists are happy to help you

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